Maybe it’s because we’re based in Hungary and we have something to prove – namely, that not everyone in the country and/or the capital city of Budapest is a rabid anti-European Union demagogue. After all, this country has long taken pride in its brainpower, contributing untold numbers of geniuses to the advancement of science and the betterment of humanity; at least some of us should respect the work the EC organizes in the scientific and technological realms.

Maybe it’s because we’re landlocked. Ironically, the one-time coastline owned by Hungary (or more precisely, the Austro-Hungarian Empire) ultimately led to the dissolution of that huge country in Central Europe and is today part of Croatia. (And damn, are there some marvelous beaches there…)

In either case, we’re keeping alive as a testament to the positive aspects of European Union bureaucracy and standardization. If you’d like to somehow contribute to our mission or have comments/questions, please contact us at PLEASE INSERT AN EMAIL ADDRESS HERE FOR CONTACT INFO and we’ll get back to you.